Enrico Hahn

Home town
somewhere in Switzerland

yep :-)

Job at Mooncry
To find the correct key in the right moment

Musical Background
My parents both have been professional classical singers. So I grew up with a huge load of classical music. At the age of 6, I began to take classical singing lessons. I kept it up for 4 years. At the age of 9, I started taking classical piano lessons, which I quit after 4 years. When I was 13, I got tired of all that classical stuff and I bought myself an electric guitar. I tried to teach myself to play on it but soon gave it up for other important reasons I got when I am a teenager. In the following years I worked as a singer in different rock bands. In 1989 I joined the band "JR Cruz" from Singen, Germany. First I was the singer of the band, later I became the man behind the keys. I was playing for a very long time in this band (which later was renamed into "Soilent"). We played a lot of concerts over the years. A special highlight was making the concept and the music for a musical called "Muellers Buero". The play was performed by a theater group and we played the "soundtrack" on a mobile stage at the same time. Up from 2009 I was two years part of a very interesting metal project (mix of Industrial/Groove/Thrash Metal), founded by a former guitarist of Debauchery.
In 2015 I had the great honor and pleasure to arrange and do the studio recordings of all the keyboards for the new album of Burden of Life.

Idols in music
Lots of, for example Michael Sadler, Helge Schneider, Barbara Dennerlein,
Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi, George Gershwin, Anke Helfrich, Tim "Ripper" Owens, Jordan Rudess, Michael Romeo, Russel Allen, Mike Lepond, Michael Pinella, Lang Lang, Victor Smolski

Favorite bands
Symphony X, Saga, Judas Priest, Clawfinger, Rage against the Machine, Rammstein, Disturbed, Guano Apes, Led Zeppelin, JBO, Van Halen, Mothers Finest, Jazzkantine, Dirty Loops, Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, Almanac, Animals as Leaders, Burden of Life, Machine Head, Myrath

The best albums in history
Symphony X - V: The New Mythology Suite
Symphony X - Live on the Edge of Forever
Symphony X - Paradise Lost
Symphony X - Iconoclast
Saga - In Transit
Saga - Heads or Tales
Saga - The Beginners Guide to throwing Shapes
Saga - Generation 13
Rammstein - Herzeleid
Rammstein - Sehnsucht

The best shows ever seen
Saga 1997 (Z7 Pratteln)
Symphony X 2011 (Z7 Pratteln)
Rammstein 2011 (Friedrichshafen)

Favorite movies
Monty Python - The Life of Brian
Monty Python - The Quest for the Holy Grail

Favorite books
There are many, they\'re standing in my book shelves, the last one was "Stupid White Man" by Michael Moore ...

- Yamaha AN1x
- Kawai K5000S
- CME UF60
- Roland JD990
- Roland U220
- Notebook Schenker mySN U702/Software-Sampler NI Kontakt 5
- Miditemp PMM88E Midi Control Matrix
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